Day Camp Registration 2022

PD Day – January 24th, 2022

Cost: $85.00 + GST 

Time: 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM  

Location: Gordie Howe Sports Complex located at 1303 Ave P South.

8 to 1 max coach to player ratio. Players will be separated by age groups at the beginning of camp. Supervised and baseball educational lunch hour.

During the camp, we break into groups and begin a 45-minute instructional rotation through hitting, pitching, and fielding drills. In the afternoon we also do a 30-minute base running module explaining lead-off’s secondary leads, tagging up, reading balls in the dirt, and tricks to use. After that, we split back up into our groups for the second rotation of drills. These drills are more dynamic and reinforce the use of the fundamental drills we learned in the morning. Sometimes the fielding station turns into a scrimmage of sorts.

Please have your player bring all baseball equipment he/she owns, including bats, helmets, and gloves. Please have them wear baseball pants and a hat. Also, please have your players wear running shoes as opposed to cleats, and have them bring a water bottle of sports drinks to stay hydrated throughout the day

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