GY Goats Academy

Going Yard Baseball Academy for 2021 – 2022. 

This program is aimed at the players who have been scouted at an elite level and shown the attitude and skills to continue the hard work year-round. Our players will continue to develop into quality young men while being given the opportunities needed to continuously improve their baseball skills at an elite level. We have a large effort to have our players seen and scouted as we work towards our post-secondary goals.

Our main focuses will be Respect, Responsibility, and Commitment while helping our players to improve Teamwork and Social Skills, Physical Fitness, Preparation, Determination, and Goal Setting. Practicing at an elite level means consistent repetition, skills specific instruction, advanced game tactics, and understanding, along with being challenged and pushed to the next level by practicing alongside elite players.

This program features:

Indoor Baseball Specific Training at Gordie Howe Sports Complex featuring Hit Trax simulation, Rapsodo Pitch Tracker, Axe Bat weighted bat program and Driveline TRAQ data tracking system.

Please note our deadline for commitment is August 1st, 2021. Please notify either of the coaches of the status of your player’s participation prior to or on this date.


Students, parents, and coaches will be involved in setting a manageable and reasonable % for a player to maintain in order to remain academically eligible for games, practices, and other team events. If the student has not met the criteria of an active student within this time frame their user role in the affected course will be switched. Once a player has been designated as inactive, they are no longer eligible to continue with training until they are able to verify their grades have improved to the agreed-upon grade.

It is expected that the student-athlete maintains a positive relationship with their academic institutions. If the player is expelled or suspended from school on any given day, the player will not be eligible to train or attend team events that day and throughout the duration of the suspension. Students are expected to maintain academic integrity and show leadership qualities in their classrooms.
Progress Reporting SAT’s – Students will be held aided in registration for the local SAT exam. Friday academic sessions can be used to study for this exam with teachers present


Semester 1 – September 3rd to January 15th

Semester 2 – January 18th to May 15th

The Going Yard Baseball Academy practices 3:30 PM to 6:30 PM Monday through Friday training baseball-specific on the turf and cages and weightlifting with Ignite Athletics. Friday’s we are in the classroom,

Game Schedule: (Subject to Change)

September 4th & 5th – Host Lloydminster & Regina
September 11th & 12th – Edmonton
September 18th & 19th – Host Winnepeg & Calgary
September 25th & 26th – Goats – Kamloops, BC – Best of the West / Blues off
October 2nd & 3rd – Goats – off – Blues – Kelowna, BC
October 9th & 10th – Lloydminster
October 16th & 17th – Host Showcase